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    4. July 18, 2019

      Climbing the Derrick In Heels - Proposal

      Tammy Gates

      Tammy Gates
      Consultant/ProA Solutions

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      The book I'm publishing is My Journey to Today

      Climbing the derrick in heels is a story I would like to share about my journey in the oil and gas industry.  I am a senior deepwater drilling/well engineer and have lived and worked all over the world over the last 20 years from the middle east to Asia, Africa, Europe, the Gulf of Mexico, Brazil, East Coast Canada, and Aberdeen plus a few places in-between.  My journey is not one for the faint of heart as I’ve successfully ‘climbed the derrick’ in countries where women aren’t recognized and sometimes are not accepted.  It has been a tough journey with many trials and also some tribulations as well as memories and moments I will never forget.  

      This is my story and the goal is:

      The ultimate goal of this book proposal is to be a voice for other women either still in the industry or those considering leaving the industry.  Over the past decade, I continually meet women who have left the industry to pursue other careers and it breaks my heart.  Women need to speak up and stay as while it is tough it can be very rewarding with the right kind of outlook and support.  My story while it may be unique it is not far from what other women experience in other industries.  

      Who is Tammy Gates?

      Who am I? I am a 5th generation Canadian, 4th generation Albertan and 2nd generation Calgarian and an oil field expat brat.  I grew up from the age of 6 in Saudi Arabia and my father is also an engineer in the oil patch, a retired completions engineer.  I graduated from the University of Alberta in 1990 with a BSc in Petroleum Engineering and am due to graduate in June of this year from the Kellogg Schulich School of Business from York University with an EMBA.  When I was young I dreamt of seeing the world, and well who knew dreams do come true as I did see the world and still am traveling the globe.  The title of my journey does represent my career in the oil-patch and I did climb the derrick in the deserts of Oman and other locations.  I have also been the first at several accomplishments along my journey and the one that stands out the most is being the first female engineer to be granted a visa to work on the rigs with the rig crew in Oman.  The day I had to leave the rig site in Oman is also a day I will never forget as every single Omani that I worked with was lined up outside to shake my hand and each one of them asked me to come back to be their rig manager.  Years later at a training course in Houston, the same Omani derrick man I worked with asked me why I hadn’t come back to be their rig manager yet.  I answered there is still time and who knows where I will be sent next. 

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