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    4. July 08, 2019

      "Tell Me I'm Wrong!"

      Stephen Enright

      Stephen Enright
      Founder/SJE Partners, LLC

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      Your plan was perfect. No one disagreed or suggested alternatives. Everyone seemingly was on board. But it went wrong, terribly wrong. How did this happen?

      "Who will tell me what I don't want to hear, ask me the questions I don't want to answer, and show me what I don't see?"

      Are the acceptance of new or conflicting ideas, and the ability to challenge decisions, unconquered frontiers in our organizations? To me, as a consultant, the answer is an indicator of the health of the team I am assessing. As a team member, it is an indicator of the team's culture.

      In a previous post I described 'Courageous Loyalty". "Courageous loyalty, or institutional courage, is a trait we should look for, must enable, and must nurture. The person with this trait will actively participate in the pre-decision debate, and once the decision is made, they will work tirelessly to help achieve the best intended outcome. More importantly, this person will sound the alarm when the plan(s) isn't working, suggest we look at what's happening, and recommend mid course adjustments." How many people on our team will tell us what we don't want to hear, ask the questions we don't want to answer, and show us what we don't see.

      More importantly, are they valued and empowered? Our success may depend on them!

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