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    4. July 17, 2019

      The Power of Emotional Engagement in a Technology Amazon Economy

      Julie Gilbert, MBA / CPA

      Julie Gilbert, MBA / CPA
      Henry Crown Fellow/The Aspen Institute

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      On June 6, 2019, Julie engaged Amazon delivered a powerful and inspiring keynote including the critical elements of creating organic growth as leaders with employees, with customers, and partners. Technology combined with emotionally intelligent, high integrity, and engaged competent leadership with diverse employees, partners, and customers ‘takes all’ in global growth mode. And, it was the right leadership all along also! Do good and do well!

      She utilized key historical innovations and innovators as examples of unique voices and talents partnered with supportive driven cultures. She reinforced the power of passion, persistence, and a sense of purpose as keys to what each person needs regardless of their level or position as employee or customer. It all starts with respect!

      She highlighted key data of the outcomes of creating an environment of support as well as the impact of diverse voices as crucial to ensuring an engine of organic growth.

      It’s your leadership on how you build and develop leaders (employees, customers, and partners) that truly matters.

      She started and ended with a simple point of view “It’s You, It was You All Along” Let no grass grow under your feet! LEAD and Drive Growth!

      All proceeds from Julie’s speaking go to mentor and coach retiring United States honorably discharged military veterans to be placed in civilian positions equivalent to their talent and career leadership strength.

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