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    4. Las Vegas Nightlife App Turns to
      AdvisoryCloud for Advisors

      Company Info
      Client: Bottles Waiting

      CEO: Tim Bird

      Founded: 2014

      Industries: Restaurant, NightClubs

      About Bottles Waiting
      Bottles Waiting helps Day/Nightclubs operate effectively through innovative software that helps manage their bottle service operations and tap into new revenue streams. From event creation to event data, Bottles Waiting is set to be the most effective software for clubs. Consumers benefit from Bottles Waiting by easily accessing which events and tables are available, and allowing pre-ordering of bottles and mixers without having to wait at the table.

      Bottles Waiting is the ultimate mobile app for nightlife that makes reserving a table at nightclubs easier than ever. The app allows users to search the clubs and events they want, reserve a table, and even pre-order drinks and mixers to be awaiting their arrival for the perfect night out. As Bottles Waiting became the new must-have app for club goers, CEO Tim Bird knew he needed a team of advisors to help take his Las Vegas-based company to the next level.

      To expand and growth the business, Tim needed to build out his already impressive team, which includes NBA star Ty Lawson serving as Chief Marketing Officer. He recognized the positive impact an advisory board could have on his company, so when it became time to begin their search for advisors, Tim wanted to have a method for finding advisors that mirrored the ease and transparency of the app he built.  


      Tim reached out to AdvisoryCloud to find qualified executives with the experience and backgrounds to help Bottles Waiting reach the next phase of success. Within days of joining and posting open advisory positions about the company, Tim had over 20 applications from leading executives around the country that were interested in sharing their expertise with him and his founding team. After reviewing the applications, Tim and his team interviewed a number of standout candidates.  After only three week of registering with AdvisoryCloud, Tim extended offers to their top two candidates.

      “As a startup, you are always looking for seasoned executives who can give you good advice and strategic contacts, for my startup ExecRank has been a valuable source to find those quality people. I would highly recommend someone building an advisory board, or board of directors to look at ExecRank,” said Tim.


      As the SVP of Account Sales at one of the premier providers of integrated solutions for live events and conventions, AdvisoryCloud member Matt Kormann saw how his background, experience, and connections could help the Las Vegas company. Through AdvisoryCloud platform, Matt easily applied to the open position and explained how he felt he could add value to their board.

      Within days of receiving Matt’s application, Tim recognized the significance of Matt’s experience and requested an interview directly through AdvisoryCloud platform. After speaking on the phone an offer was quickly formalized and Matt was proud to join Bottles Waiting as an advisor.

      “AdvisoryCloud has been invaluable in expanding my professional experience. It is the most effective resource for board candidates available today.”

      -Matt Kormann, SVP Corporate Sales at The Freeman Company

      Whether you’re a startup, non-profit or a global corporation, advisors play a critical role in helping with business challenges, exploring opportunities, and providing advice on projects or key decisions. AdvisoryCloud makes it incredibly easy to find, hire and use advisors.

      For Executives

      Search and apply to the largest database of available board & advisor opportunities.

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      Find top qualified executives to help steer strategic decisions for your business.

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