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    4. March 03, 2015

      3 Reasons to Establish an Advisory Board in 2015

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      An Advisory Board can have more impact on the success of your company in 2015?than any other employee or team. Why is this? ?Imagine 4-6 senior executives?who want to help your company?by sharing ideas, resources and connections, and watch the?impact this can have in a matter of months. Whether your Advisory Board is focused on one?specific?challenge or opportunity, or? serves as a sounding board for overall strategy for the company, an Advisory Board is one of the most underutilized tools in helping your company achieve the next level of success.

      What are your business goals for 2015? An Advisory Board can be an additional way to?ensure?those goals are met, or even exceeded, and will also serve as a sounding board for you throughout the year if a pivot or change is needed to reach these goals. The ability to share ideas, challenges, and opportunities with executives outside of your company is a highly effective way to get feedback from someone on the outside looking in – an important perspective that should be considered.?

      Here is how companies of all sizes are using Advisory Boards in 2015:

      • To Assist With Strategies & Connections to?Grow Company 30% in 2015

      • Best Practices for Getting Top 3 Clients to Renew in 2015

      • To Focus Exclusively?on Expanding Into?the Northeast by 2017

      • To Help Fill Three Current C-Level Openings on the Management Team

      • To Position the Company for Sale to a Strategic or Financial Buyer

      Isnt it time you set up an?Advisory Board to help your company achieve new levels of success this year?

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