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    4. April 27, 2015

      Why Every Company Should Have a CyberSecurity Advisory Board

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      Every company should have a cybersecurity advisory board. Whether you are a large public company, or a very small private company, or even a startup, the impact of a data breach or hack can be crippling to your business. Applying security?measures to ensure the data of your employee’s computers, smartphones, and your entire computer network is an essential strategy that every single CEO must make sure is happening at their company.

      By putting in place a system of best practices?for?vulnerability testing, access control, and awareness at your company, you can reduce your risk by almost 84%. Think of it as an insurance policy for?your most important and sensitive data you store and transmit on your computers. You back up all your files for your data, but protecting this is just as important so that data does?not?become corrupted, tainted, or even stolen.?

      Following a few simple steps from people with the most up-to-date cyber-security knowledge can immediately protect your company from?unnecessary?risks. So how do you go about this?

      1.) Interview candidates with cyber-security expertise to be a potential advisor for your company – some may be CTOs or CIOs and others may be CEOs who have implemented best practices at their own company.

      2.) Select the candidates you feel?would?add the most value, conduct quarterly advisory board meetings and pay each an annual or per-meeting fee. Think of it as a much less expensive?“insurance policy”?for?cyber-security and the?repercussions?of a?data?breach.

      3.) In your first advisory board meeting, essentially conduct an?“audit”?of your company’s cyber-security by having your advisors point out weaknesses they see in your current system and how to go about fixing them.

      4.) Encourage advisors to be in touch even between advisory board?meetings with further comments, information on new types of?cyber-security breaches happening, or with any other information.

      At ExecRank, our membership comprises over 750 leading executives?looking for board and advisory roles, many of whom have advanced knowledge of?cyber-security.?We can immediately set up interviews with the best candidates from our membership at no cost to your company. The number and types of cyber-security breaches are increasing at an alarming rate, make sure your company is prepared before it is too late.?

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