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    4. Abe Levine

      Results-driven Executive Consultant with worldwide expertise in technology, strategy, sales/marketing/ bus development


      Abraham Levine is an accomplished Senior Executive and Consultant with more than 30 years of success across the telecommunications, IoT, transportation and trucking industries, in addition to aerospace, pharma and healthcare analytics. Leveraging extensive worldwide experience in sales, startups, marketing, and product management, he is a valuable advisor for an organization seeking guidance in developing sales teams or partnerships, turnaround management, mergers/acquisitions, or scaling for growth. His broad areas of expertise include strategy, wireless and telecommunications, relationship building, sales, business development, marketing, and technology.

      Throughout his executive career, Abraham has held leadership positions with Brainware Partners, VisTracks, Airadigm Communications, Sprint, and Smith Micro Software.

      2012 - Present

      CEO - Brainware Partners

      Brainware Partners

      • Providing executive consulting to software companies in trucking, general IoT, pharma and healthcare
      • Built several channel-based sales programs, thus increasing market share and a quicker path to revenue
      • Aided companies in product management for design of future products. Led sales efforts commensurate with this

      2012 - 2018

      Chief Operating Officer - VisTracks, Inc.

      VisTracks, Inc.

      • Successfully developed and brought an influential product to market
      • Gained 84 different re-sellers and put the product into more than 50,000 trucks over the course of 18 months
      • Developed a support organization targeted to re-sellers which led to over 99% customer retention

      2009 - 2012

      Chief Operating Officer - Airadigm Communications

      Airadigm Communications

      • Oversaw profit and loss, new product development, sales, product management, and customer service
      • Turned company around via aggressive branding and marketing, operational efficiencies, new services, sales team development
      • Reversed subscriber losses into monthly gains, generated positive cash flow

      2006 - 2009

      Vice President Sales & Professional Services - Smith Micro Software

      Smith Micro Software

      • Managed business development and professional services groups in the US, Europe, and China
      • Provided sales, installation, customization, product support, and device database subscription service to telecommunications customers
      • Won a $20 million contract with a major automotive manufacturer, opening up a new market for the product
      • Awarded Vendor of Year in 2008 in China, first for a foreigner

      I’m Available To Advise On The Following Subjects



      Business Development


      Managing complex projects and programs

      Software and technology

      Professional services

      Worldwide business development and direct/channel based sales