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    4. Julie Gilbert, MBA / CPA

      Ambitious CEO with expertise in digital transformation, IT strategy, and global business planning


      Julie Gilbert, MBA, CPA, is an accomplished CEO, Board Member, and Fortune 50 Senior Executive with more than 25 years of success as a versatile executive general manager and digitally astute marketing professional with strong financial acumen and proven ability to drive growth in both Fortune 50 companies, as well as digital start-ups. Uniquely adept at identifying white space market opportunities and creating vibrant new markets across the consumer goods, retail, management consulting, technology, services, entertainment, mobile, financial services, manufacturing, healthcare, and software industries. Leveraging extensive experience in creating financial strategies and digital marketing, she is a valuable advisor for an organization going through growth especially engaging new customer groups such as women and millennials. Her broad areas of expertise include digital transformation, marketing, global strategy and IT strategy.

      Throughout her executive career, Julie has held leadership positions with The Aspen Institute, PreciouStatus, Best Buy, and Deloitte.

      2015 - Present

      Henry Crown Fellow - The Aspen Institute

      The Aspen Institute

      • Serve as one of 325 individuals chosen over a 20 year period for global entrepreneurship, values-based leadership, and ability to make a significant impact in the world

      2010 - 2018

      CEO and Founder - PreciouStatus


      • Founded the Saas mobile technology, built the business model, developed a team of 34 professionals, and globally scaled two unique encrypted software platforms, including applications and artificial intelligence to 177 countries

      2000 - 2009

      Senior Vice President (SVP): Company Strategy, Innovation, and Growth | Other Roles - Best Buy

      Best Buy

      • Generated $7.5B in incremental new business
      • Managed budgets of more than $760M and provided leadership for 25,000 employees
      • Drove significant growth in adjacent businesses and created new businesses, strategic alliances, and innovations focused on the acquisition of non-traditional customers, including women and millennials (WOLF)
      • Reported to the Vice Chairman/CFO and CEO, created vision, strategy, and drove execution of new home theatre business serving the high-end customer
      • Secured board approval for the launch of over 385 new retail stores-within-stores, e-commerce/digital business, financial and delivery/installation services, and e-commerce business
      • Created Magnolia Home Theatre store within a store concept, built new business model, and scaled the US and international
      • Elevated the awareness and built a strategy and executed winning over 9 million new female and millennial customers (WOLF)
      • Reinvented and executed a new retail customer sales training technology platform and process to a collaborative engagement platform around customer relationships vs. specs for over 125,000 sales associates (Learning Lounge)
      • Built strategic alliances capability and elevated Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, and others to alliances from transactional partnerships
      • Led strategic alignment for executive team to a common strategy for international growth
      • Built first mobile phone teen offering with joint venture partnership with Virgin Mobile (Richard Branson)

      1992 - 2000

      Senior Manager - Deloitte


      • Created vision and strategy for a new business line, integrating tax benefits in mergers and acquisitions and traditional business operations
      • Scaled in the US to all Deloitte offices
      • Worked with clients including General Mills, Honeywell, Marsh McLennan, Bain Consulting, and Unilever

      I’m Available To Advise On The Following Subjects

      Digital Transformation

      Global Strategy

      Financial Management

      Information Technology Strategy

      Company or executive-specific business strategy

      Business advice related to my role at my company

      Feedback on my company’s product/service

      Input and advice on a key project