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    4. Keli Trejo

      Consultant and Executive Coach with expertise in change management, organizational leadership, and people strategy


      Keli Trejo is an accomplished Senior HR Executive, Change Management Consultant, and Executive Coach. Her expertise includes leadership & organizational behavior/dynamics and change management.

      Through extensive experience in building high performing, cohesive teams, she is a valuable advisor for any organization experiencing dysfunction, needing a strategy for change or transformation, or seeking guidance in aligning cultures with operational goals. 

      Throughout her executive career, Keli has held leadership positions with Rising Mountain Studio, Citizens Financial Group, and Fidelity Investments.

      2008 - Present

      Principal Consultant and Executive Coach - Rising Mountain Studio

      Rising Mountain Studio

      • Keli brings experience in leadership and organizational behavior to workplace challenges. Positive change is not only possible—with vision, and sustained focus and effort, it is achievable. She partners with individuals and organizations to impact positive change.
      • Expertise: ? Strategic Business Planning ? Workforce Planning ? Succession Planning ? Change Management ? Process Redesign ? Facilitation ? Performance Management ? Team Development ? Talent Management ? Workforce Dynamics ? Leadership Development ? Workplace Culture and Climate
      • Industry and Sector Experience: ? Financial Services ? Charter Schools ? Banking ? Biotech ? Pharmaceutical ? IT/Start-up ? Manufacturing ? Public Sector/Government ? Higher Education ? Non-Profit ? Family Foundations ? IT ? Finance ? Operations ? Human Resources

      2010 - 2012

      Human Resources Business Partner, Senior Vice President - Citizens Financial Group, Inc.

      Citizens Financial Group, Inc.

      • As Head of HR for the Wealth Management Division, Keli partnered directly with the CEO to develop and implement a strategic people plan and change strategy in response to industry and organizational shifts; coached executive team in an extremely challenging industry, culture, and leadership environm

      2003 - 2008

      Vice President/Director, Management Effectiveness - Fidelity Investments

      Fidelity Investments

      • As a member of several HR Leadership teams: Keli provided HR Business Partnership to the Brokerage Technology and Enterprise IT business units; led a team of 12 HR business partners with an emphasis on coaching and HR talent development; fulfilled Chief of Staff roles for EVP and SVP of HR; and crea

      I’m Available To Advise On The Following Subjects

      Change Management

      Business Process Improvement

      Executive Coaching

      Human Resources

      Input and advice on a key project

      Executive coaching

      Change management

      Building Collaborative and cohesive teams