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    4. Lee Dunn



      Lee Dunn is an accomplished Senior Executive and Board Member with more than 40 years of success across the finance, defense, real estate, logistics and non-profit sectors. Leveraging extensive experience in management, business development and small-to-midsize business strategy, he is a valuable advisor for an organization seeking guidance in growth and/or financial management. His broad areas of expertise include strategic planning, organizational development, people management, go-to-market strategy, financial risk management, communications, fundraising, mergers and accquisitions.

      Throughout his executive career, Lee has held key leadership positions with H. Lee Dunn Consulting, Industrial Developers LTD, several banks, non-profit boards and the US Navy.

      2011 - Present

      Owner - H Lee Dunn Consulting LLC

      H Lee Dunn Consulting LLC

      • Serve as a consultant to members of small businesses focusing on strategic planning, financing, change management, mentoring through SCORE, as well as other business opportunities
      • Assist small banks with business and growth strategy

      2013 - 2015

      Partner - Industrial Developers LTD

      Industrial Developers LTD

      • Co-founded a company that executed a strategy for implementing six critical services that were unique in the state of Ohio,
      • Business that provided trucking and other logistic services to Fortune 500 and other major regional companies
      • Construction, financing and real estate development for customer needs
      • Commercial realty and property management services

      2005 - 2011

      President & CEO - Bank of Maumee

      Bank of Maumee

      • Founded and managed Bank of Maumee in conjunction with Capital Bank Corp of Lansing, MI
      • Raised $4.7M in one month
      • Developed a niche, hired staff, and executed the business plan

      1968 - 1993

      Captain - US Navy

      US Navy

      • Served as a Commanding Officer of a Specialty Unit based in Youngstown, Ohio; 1988-1990
      • Oversaw the entire convoying operation in the Persian Gulf, Indian Ocean, and the Red Sea
      • Developed key strategies for utilizing personnel in convoy resource allocation
      • Oversaw the management of five reserve units located in Dayton, Ohio; 1990-1992

      I’m Available To Advise On The Following Subjects

      Commercial Banking

      Financial Risk Management

      Business Planning

      Business Development

      Company or executive-specific business strategy

      Business advice related to my role at my company

      Feedback on my company’s product/service

      Input and advice on a key project