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    4. Maurice Marwood

      Strategic CEO and President with expertise in global operations, growth, and new business planning and development


      Maurice Marwood is an accomplished Senior Executive, Consultant, and Thought Leader with more than 40 years of success across the startups, CPG, oil, energy, industrial, manufacturing, and financial services industries. Leveraging extensive experience with strategic planning and restructuring for growth, he is a valuable advisor for an organization managing manufacturing, sales and marketing organizations. He also has experience in M&A, divestitures, mergers and due diligence. His broad areas of expertise include global operations, business planning, business development, and growth.

      Throughout his executive career, Maurice has held senior leadership positions with Caterpillar Inc., Foremost Industries Ltd., Canadian Kenworth Ltd., and more recently with ReStimCo Limited - an early-stage starup focused on enhanced recovery of oil and gas in tight formations.

      2018 - Present

      Director and CEO - ReStimCo Limited

      ReStimCo Limited

      • ReStimCo Limited, an oil and gas company in Calgary, is introducing an innovative technology for the stimulation of oil and gas wells to achieve sustainable recovery from low permeable reservoirs. Surprising perhaps, but today when a well is fully depleted and shut-in after hydraulic fracking, abou
      • The development of the technology will be funded through the Deep Green One Energy Opportunity Fund LLC. See www.deepgreenone.com

      1989 - 1992

      President and Director – Foremost Industries Ltd.

      Foremost Industries Ltd.

      • Led the turnaround of a business manufacturing and marketing heavy-duty industrial all-terrain transportation and drilling equipment that was struggling to survive. The business planning process was urgently implemented to avoid imminent bankruptcy. A financial crisis was averted, and the business w

      1986 - 1989

      Vice-President – Canadian Kenworth Ltd.

      Canadian Kenworth Ltd.

      • Led the renewal and restructuring of a business manufacturing heavy-duty on-highway and off-highway trucks. The business planning process was used successfully to reduce costs, improve quality and implement a capital expansion project that doubled production capacity.

      1966 - 1986

      International General Manager | Various roles - Caterpillar Inc., U.S.; Europe; Africa; Middle East; S.E. Asia;

      Caterpillar Inc., U.S.; Europe; Africa; Middle East; S.E. Asia;

      • Implemented a new strategic plan resulting in an 8-fold increase in sales and profitability and a 7-fold increase in market share to become the market leader
      • Restructured a newly acquired capital equipment distributor that was struggling for growth after several years of neglect. The implementation of the planning process resulted in an 8-fold increase in sales and profitability and a 7-fold increase in market share. The company became a market leader.

      I’m Available To Advise On The Following Subjects

      Global Operations

      Business Planning


      Business Development

      Company or executive-specific business strategy

      Advice on sales and marketing strategy

      Advice on restructuring for growth

      Advice on mergers, acquisitions and divestment