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    4. Nancy Steiger

      Improved profitability, quality and culture in every organization she has lead


      Nancy Steiger is an accomplished Senior Executive, Consultant, Thought Leader, and Board Member with more than 40 years of success across the healthcare and non-profit industries. Leveraging extensive experience in strategic turnaround for healthcare companies, she is a valuable advisor for an organization that is seeking guidance on leadership transitions as well as implementing strategic plans. Her broad areas of expertise include organizational leadership, business development, strategy, operations, executive coaching, and philanthropy. 

      Throughout her executive career, Nancy has held leadership positions with CEO Advisory Network, Nancy Steiger Consulting, PeaceHealth, and San Mateo Medical Center.


      Partner - CEO Advisory Network

      CEO Advisory Network

      • Hosts leadership roundtables to get strategic guidance from senior executives
      • Assists with operational improvements in ancillary services for the healthcare industry
      • Provides interim placements in the healthcare field at the executive level


      President and Founder - Nancy Steiger Consulting

      Nancy Steiger Consulting

      • Works with non-profits as well as with vulnerable groups
      • Does executive coaching and succession planning
      • Coach to C-suite including CEOs, COOS, CMOs and CNOs

      2007 - 2016

      Various C-Level Roles - PeaceHealth


      • CEO St. Joseph Medical Center, CEO Northwest Network, CEO WA/Alaska
      • Grew Peacehealth Medical through acquisition of Madrona Medical Group, North Cascade Cardiology and service line growth
      • Grew revenue greater than 1B and increased immigration by 40%
      • Through philanthropy opened an inpatient hospice house, expanded palliative care and built an integrated cancer center
      • Led the building and opening of Peace Island Medical Center
      • Brought United General into the NW Network

      2002 - 2007

      Chief Executive Officer - San Mateo Medical Center

      San Mateo Medical Center

      • Renamed and rebranded medical center and developed mission, vision, and values
      • Developed video and online interpreter program with other public hospitals
      • Improved medical group cycle time through LEAN
      • Improved quality in all clinical programs

      I’m Available To Advise On The Following Subjects

      Corporate Governance

      Healthcare Management

      Executive Coaching


      Company or executive-specific business strategy

      Input and advice on a key project

      Serve as a sounding board and second opinion on a key decision

      Due diligence on a significant business purchase