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    4. Rafael Castillo-Triana

      Effective and instrumental to deploy your supply chain in Emerging Markets


      Rafael Castillo-Triana is an accomplished Senior Executive and Consultant with nearly 40 years of success across the finance, equipment leasing, and legal industries. Leveraging extensive experience in business strategy and planning, he is a valuable advisor for an organization seeking guidance through deal negotiations relating to joint ventures or M&A. His broad areas of expertise include innovative financing, credit risk, emerging markets, legal and financial consultation, intellectual property, and due diligence.

      Throughout his executive career, Rafael has held leadership positions with The Alta Group, FTAA Consulting, Inc., the International Finance Corporation, and CIT.

      2014 - Present

      Chairman - Middle East Leasing Conference

      Middle East Leasing Conference

      • Oversees the annual conference that brings performance updates and discussions to the equipment leasing and financing industry in the Middle East and North Africa

      2002 - Present

      Chairman - The Latin American Leasing Conference

      The Latin American Leasing Conference

      • Built and upholds a team of recognized and reputable leaders in the equipment leasing industry
      • Dedicated to assisting anyone involved in the business of equipment leasing and financing in Latin America, providing a venue for networking and continued education across the region
      • Shares results and observations of the Latin American economy, geopolitics, and challenges facing companies in the industry

      2000 - 2015

      Advisor - USAID


      • Wrote leasing laws for multiple countries including El Salvador, Tanzania, Georgia, Kenya, and other emerging markets

      2008 - 2008

      Member of the Advisory Board - Unidroit


      • Served as a member of the international organization that provides a venue for professionals to meet with subject matter experts and lawmakers
      • Coordinated private and commercial law between states and groups of state to formulate uniform law instruments and principles

      I’m Available To Advise On The Following Subjects

      Credit Risk



      Emerging Markets

      Mergers and Acquisitions

      Corporate and Finance Law

      Credit Risk Management

      Strategic Planning