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    4. Ask Tammy

      What can I solve for you?


      Tammy Gates is an accomplished Senior Executive, Consultant, and Author with more than 20 years of success across the oil and gas industry. Leveraging extensive experience in global petroleum exploration, development, and production, she is a valuable advisor for an organization preparing to launch either an off-shore or on-shore operation in the Amazon, Middle East, or Portugal. She is highly skilled at meticulously organizing projects by asking the right questions to determine if a project will be profitable and the unique complexities it may encompass. Her broad areas of expertise include risk management, vessel mobilization, program evaluation, international markets, and business development.

      Throughout her executive career, Tammy has held leadership positions with ProA Solutions, BG Group, SPE Portugal Section, and Halliburton.

      2015 - Present

      Founder & Director - ProA Solutions

      • Offering support for international import/export chemical products for the oil and gas industry
      • Providing oil well management advice at various stages of complicated projects
      • Authoring the book 'Climbing the Derrick in Heels'

      2013 - 2014

      Senior Well Engineer - BG Group Brazil

      • Managed an extensive exploration project that was ultimately shelved
      • Responsible for setting up a base, including the procurement of equipment, negotiations, and contract strategy
      • Exercised exceptional project planning skills by mobilizing requirements for the drilling of 8-16 different wells in ultra deepwater

      2012 - 2013

      SPE Section Chairperson - SPE Portugal Section

      • Founded the Portugal Section of SPE
      • Responsible for recruiting a specific number of members required to ensure the officiality of the section, utilizing guerilla marketing tactics for registration
      • Acted as Chairman of the Board for the Lisbon Chapter, recruited other board members, and created an annual agenda

      2013 - 2013

      Performance Excellence Group Lead - Halliburton Project Management

      • Initiated processes and proposed a plan to complete an abandonment project
      • Supported regulation requirements and identified key technologies to implement, ensuring performance improvements
      • Conducted influential risk assessments, including risk identification and mitigation

      I’m Available To Advise On The Following Subjects

      International Markets

      Risk Management

      Program Evaluation

      Oil Exploration

      Input and advice on a key project

      International Drilling and Completion Operations

      New Ventures Time and Cost Review

      Project Design and Management

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